August 2017

An interview with my good friends over at Enter Talk Radio!



August 2016

Wena Velasco Darkglass B7K Ultra & Vintage Microtubes Demo Using Moore-Basses MB40512001

June 2016

We are being featured in Bass Musician Magazine June 2016 “Year of the Luthier”



Bass Player Live 2013

I have to say it was a huge success for us and I’m so happy that we decided to exhibit at the show this year. Deborah (my wife) and I had a great time made a lot of new friends and introduced Moore-Basses to a lot of people. Big show of appreciation to the guys at Ampeg for hooking us up with an amp and cabinet for the show. As I stated at the show since we have been back I have been finishing off the last 2 four strings that I had in progress before we left for the show and have been working on a 5 string design which will feature a slightly different body style. Lots of details to work out on that one yet but stay tuned for updates on its progress and pictures.