Moore Basses was started from a passion of playing bass, and an appreciation of fine musical instruments. My original intention was to build basses for myself and ironically I still do. Every bass I build is first built for me and then shared with someone so that I can build another. 

Philosophy: I’m not out to build the perfect bass, if there is such a thing. I build basses that feel good, sound good, and look good, basses that I would, and do, play and enjoy. Each one of these instruments is handmade, each neck and body hand carved so that no two are exactly alike. Imperfections exist much as in life itself. These are working basses for working musicians. Basses with character and a sense of refinement.

At Moore Basses, I am trying to keep the impact on the world around us to a minimum as much as I can. I try to use salvaged woods, when I can get my hands on it, and the finish I am currently using is one of the most environmentally friendly Tung oil finishes on the market. 

I hope you will see fit to try one of my basses. Thanks for looking.